This week focused on Summer Style has been so much fun! I have gotten to share some of the closet staples that help get me through the summer heat, and also found some new things I can’t wait to try.

I knew I couldn’t make it through this Summer Style series with out sharing the accessories that I really can’t live with out. I think we all have them. A favorite pair of sunglasses that have you convinced the world will end if you can’t find them. A pair of sandals that are so broken in that you’re scared for the day they wear through. Something that you are so psyched to add to an outfit that you build outfits around it.  Well, here are mine.


(Clockwise from title)

1. Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses– I got a pair of these a few years ago and they are by  far my favorite. I wear them almost everyday, but especially in the summer. Wayfarer’s are a shape that looks good on many face shapes, and because the style is so popular, you can find them at almost any price point. I’m currently coveting these.

2. Ocean Potion Sunscreen– I swear by this brand! I know that everyone has a brand that works best for them, and this is mine. I make a point to get it every summer, and have never had a problem burning (when reapplied properly.) It smells like coconuts and goes on silky smooth.

3. Fedora– When it comes to the sun, especially laying out at the beach or pool, I try to wear a hat as often as possible. I got my first fedora last summer, and I’ve become kind of obsessed. They are fashionable, and keep the sun off your face. The particular one is available at Hats in the Belfry in Fells Point!

4. Rainbow Sandals– Say what you will about flip flops, but I live in these. They last forever! I think I’ve been through about 4 pairs in the last 12 years, and every time a pair dies I feel like I’ve lost a friend. If you see me outside of work in the summer, I’m usually in these (or a pair of 5 inch wedges!) **Side note: I wear the men’s sandals. I don’t like having my heels step on the side of my sandals.**

5. Chandelier Earrings– So this might sound strange, but when it’s humid outside I can’t handle having things stick to the back of my neck. Hair, necklaces, halter dresses that tie? Nope. Not this girl. So for me, when the weather heats up, I gravitate toward a statement earring. This pair is made up of great colors and would go with a ton.

So there you have it! My list of what I can’t live with out come summer. Thank you for following along with the Summer Style series. I’d love to hear about your Can’t live with out summer items in the comments!