As I told you here, I discovered Poshmark a few months ago. The timing for me was pretty much perfection. My boyfriend was constantly pressuring me to get rid of stuff convincing me that I had too many clothes.  I (obviously) disagreed and wanted to buy new things. Enter Poshmark, AKA the reason my closet hasn’t exploded.

As a lover of this app, I’m excited to share with you all that I’m hosting an in app Posh Party on Thrusday! The theme is “Casual Cool” which I love because I think it describes my style perfectly.

tumblr_inline_mmpkacbRUc1qz4rgp (1)

Via Poshmark

YES! That’s me!! And I’m hosting a Par-TAY!!!

So, because I know you wouldn’t let Thursday roll around, and me be all dress up with no where to go, you are currently gripping your iPhone/iPad/itouch and saying “this is amazing! I need start a closet so I can attend this fantastic party!”

Oh wait? So you’ve also been wondering what to do with those gently used (or, let’s be honest, new with tags) items in your closet too? Perfect. So here’s what you do:
1. Go to the App Store, and search for Poshmark
2. Download
3. Start a new account
4. Use the code HZBWP, and earn a $5 shopping credit. Which will be ideal when you are shopping the party I’m hosting on Thursday.

I’ve already introduced some friends to Poshmark, and they’ve been asking what they can do to increase visibility and sales. Because you are all being so nice and attending my party, I figured I’d give you a leg up on how to make your closet that much more shoppable.

First, pick items that you would buy yourself. Things that are in good condition, in style, and gently used.  This is an item in my closet. It’s new with tags (NWT) and just didn’t fit right, so they are for sale.

photo (16)

Next, make sure your items are priced fairly. I know we all want to make a few bucks, but be realistic about how much you would pay for something that was “pre-loved.”  No matter what the condition.

Use your cover photo to your advantage! Think of it like a window display at your favorite retailer, it’s what entices shoppers to look at the item more closely. Styling the cover shot is a great way to draw people in. I love this example:

photo (17)

Via Poshmark

Also, take multiple photos. Remember that it’s the photos that sell your item. Your buyers can’t touch, or try on, so the photos you post are all they have to go on. Each listing has a limit of 4 photos, but many people use other photo editing apps to make a collage of 2 or more.

Finally, don’t forget that Poshmark is as much a social network as it is a shopping forum. Like items. Share items. Follow people. And, my personal favorite, attend (by shopping and sharing to) Posh Parties! They are a great way to introduce people to your closet, get more followers, and possibly find the exact item you’re looking for.

I’m so flattered to be a Posh Party host this week, and I hope you can all come!

PS. Are you on Poshmark? Leave your name in the comments so I can follow you. I’m @kweber 😉