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I love getting submissions for these “I Love it! Now what?” posts. It’s always so much fun to see what you have in your closet, and be able to provide a solution to a style dilemma.

I recently got a text, from my sister, saying “I’m going to a rodeo, and I just got these. Now, how do I wear them.” And these are the pictures I got:


High waisted shorts are really popular right now, as is destroyed denim, so this is a super trendy piece. I feel like the high waisted trend, especially with these shorts can go either look like you were channeling Taylor Swift and “dressed up like hipsters” or they could go  a little more country, which some how also channels TSwift (I swear 22 is not on repeat over here.) Keeping in mind where she was headed (the Rodeo), I thought something a little more on the country side was appropriate.

For the rodeo

So I guess that Country + hipster = Cochella? Either way I think this would be perfect for a  night at the rodeo. It’s not costume-y but still feels thematic. I love the contrast of the tomato red and the turquoise bag, and while the boots are for sure an investment, they are super versatile.  I think the best thing about this look is that if you want to play up the  high waist of the shorts, you can simply tuck in the flowy tank to add emphasis.

So what are you thoughts on this trend of high waisted shorts? I’d love to hear how you style them in the comments!