I know she doesn’t have one, but have you ever wondered what Rachel Zoe would wear to walk her dog? I think we can all agree that said pup would probably wear a custom Gucci collar, have a one of a kind Hermes leash, and (if it’s lucky) get gifted a pair of pooch pumps from “Uncle Brian” Atwood. But my question is what would Rachel wear?


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Do you think she would wear 6 inch stillettos to pick up poo? Or Vintage Chanel to the dog park? Would there be cocktail rings worn to the vet, and giant sunnies when taking Lassie out before bed?

These are the pressing questions that run through my brain each and every time I take my dog out, or we go for a walk. Why? Well, a few weeks ago, I quietly added a tab across the top of this page with two words: Styling Services. And I’ve questioned my dog walking apparel ever since.

Am I allowed to wear a hoodie when I, bleary eyed on Saturday morning, take my favorite 4 legger outside? Is wearing leggings and UGG boots (Yes, I own them. Yes, I wear them. But really only when it’s actually snowing or when taking my dog out. Judge me, but I’m not giving them up) when it’s “wintery mixing” in January? Styling doesn’t mean I can’t wear my Juicy sweats (aka pajamas) for that last potty break of the day, does it?

I for one, don’t think it does. If you want me to help style you,you aren’t going to hire me based on what I wear when walking my dog, or sitting on my couch writing a blog post. You’ll hire me because you like what I’ve picked for “I love it! Now what?” posts, or you think that I can help broaden your style because of some “Fab Finds” you want to incorporate into your wardrobe.

All jokes aside, I would love to help you rework your wardrobe, build a new one, or find the perfect look for a special event. Take a look at the styling services tab,and let me know how I can help you! I promise not to wear my UGG boots and Juicy sweats shopping with you 🙂


That’s my dog. The one I don’t wear heels to walk.

BF said tonight that he bets that even Rachel Zoe isn’t “ON” all the time. He said he thinks that when the camera’s aren’t around, that she probably has a ratty old pair of sweatpants, and a t-shirt that she wears. Rachel, if for any reason you see this, I told him that is 100% untrue. That even when lounging at home you wear designer, even if it’s just a big fluffy robe.