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So this edition of “I Love it! Now what?” should probably read more like “I Love him? Now what do I wear?” My girl over at The New Giltterati is dating this fantastic guy, who happens to live in the middle east. NBD right? So obviously she’s going to visit. When she messaged me asking “what should I pack” my immediate thoughts went to Sex and the City 2…


Sex and the City 2


I mean who wouldn’t? So naturally I started having visions of ball skirts, and strappy heels…until I continued reading her message:
1. It’s 100-105 degrees and incredibly humid
2. Shoulders and cleavage should be covered
3. “Fingertip” rule applies (shorts/skirts should be no shorter than where your fingertips hit your thighs if you are standing straight up)

Say WHAT?! No massive ball skirts? Ugh, apparently what we didn’t see in SATC2 was that the inner layer of that fantastic purple skirt is actually stuck to SJP like a cheap bridesmaid dress at an outdoor, east coast wedding. In August. At 4:00pm (Oh you’ve been there too? Glad to know I’m not alone.)

So I rethought the vision, and came up with this as a packing list:

Packing for Middle East

I hate the idea of buying something for a single purpose, so I picked pieces that could also easily be added to a summer wardrobe in Maryland. And sometimes, when it’s hot and humid a dress or skirt is just more comfortable than close fitting shorts or pants.

The Hi-low teal skirt is length appropriate and has a breezy chiffon overlay (which is also length appropriate) and the pale pink tee (a new favorite- the Linen Tee from Loft) is so light, and loose but still looks really polished. I picked a pale pink, because as much as I love heather gray or black, it doesn’t work so well in high humidity.
I did add a pair of white jeggings/skinny jeans, and two looser fit tees that wouldn’t stick to you in crazy heat. Add a cute fedora and you’re ready for sight seeing in Dubi…or Laguna Beach, which ever trip you decide to book.
Just a quick shout out to Old Navy, who currently has adorable dresses with shoulder coverage. There are the two dress options I picked above, but many more, in tons of colors, and at great prices.
So, there you have it. A fashionable list of pieces for a trip to the Middle East, that also work state side. Check out The New Glitterati for her photo tours of her trips (she’s kind of a jet setter) and hilarious musings on life.
What do you think? What has been your most exotic vacation?