Well I guess I should apologize for the radio silence for the last few days. I was out west, watching this girl play in her senior game at Fresno State. What can I say? I love my sisters, and I couldn’t be prouder of everything the baby of the family has accomplished. She’s kind of a bad ass.

So while I was in Cali, I ran by Target to grab a pair of sandals. I totally blame Sara at Glitter and Grace for my purchase of these. And by blame I obviously mean “Thanks for  letting me know these exist” because they are pretty much a perfect summer flat. I’m a heels girl at heart, so saying that kind of pains me, but I feel like everyone needs a good pair of flat sandals that aren’t Rainbows. But have those too. ALWAYS have those.

Fabulous Flats


All jokes aside, I feel like every woman (girl? female?) needs a nice pair of flat sandals in her closet. Flip Flops aren’t acceptable for every occasion, or every mood. Sometimes you want something just a smige more put together.

I’m sure it’s also pretty clear by what I picked above that a metallic sandal is always a good choice. I frequently feel like metallic is more versatile than black or brown (gilver anyone?) but that’s just me.

I’d love to see your favorite spring/summer flat sandals. Share the links below!

PS. Fear not! I’m back on Friday with an awesome post on dressing for Abu Dhabi. No. That’s not a joke. You need to come back.