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Well guys, it happened last night. After waiting on my bf to get boxes down avoidance, fear of freezing, and general dragging of the feet, I’ve done the one thing I do only twice a year. The one thing I can do to revamp my closet with out spending a dime. Yes, ladies (and gentleman?) I have officially switched my closet over to spring.

Ok, so maybe it’s not the dramatic’s that I make it out to be, but it was (and is) a process. It’s reorganization, deciding what you want to keep, and remembering exactly what you wore that dress to/for/with last summer. I also find myself trying to decide if some items can be transitioned into spring, or if they are just going to take up space until cool weather rolls around again. Add to this that Mother Nature seems to have forgotten what April is supposed to feel like, and you can (maybe? please?) see how this took 2 hours last night.


Loft/J.Crew Factory (old)


Franchesca’s (Similar)/ Velvet Pearl Boutique (similar)

So how is this an “I Love it! Now what?”  Well, I love my spring clothes. And I couldn’t be happier to have transitioned so maxi dresses, and my favorite wedge sandals. But now I’m definitely having a “now what” moment. I don’t want to wear the same combinations I did last year, and I  want need to layer more right now. It’s also highly probable that I’m just so excited about having “new” options to choose from, that I’ve paralyzed myself.

This weekend I plan to put some combinations together and take photos so I have something to go off of in the future. I’m also planning on doing some outfit posts here in the near future, so stay tuned! And, I’ll be updating my closet on Poshmark as well if you want to shop.

Finally, if just to end a debate between the bf and I, do you switch your closet from winter to spring? Do you have separate storage for out of season clothes?

Cheer to the weekend!