I feel like this week has flown by, but I could not be happier it’s Friday. And while it’s officially spring, I’m afraid the weather didn’t get the memo. So I’m wearing chunky knit infinity scarves and dreaming of dresses and sandals a little longer.



Despite not being glorious, warm, spring sunshine, I’m planning on breaking out my spring clothes this weekend and making that closet transition. Which means new items are going to get added to my Poshmark closet (you can read about how much I love Poshmark here.) Just a few things that I’m excited about…

These Kids teamed up with Brooks Brothers. It’s over the top preppy and my inner Annapolitan could not be happier. Pretty sure this needs to make it’s way into my closet.

– Speaking of Annapolitans, a childhood friend (who was like another sister) started a cooking blog. I was also thrilled by this because she makes it all super easy( I can dress you with the best of them, but don’t ask me to make you dinner.) You should totally check it out.

– If you haven’t already buy your tickets to the Charm City Fashion Show! You can do it here. As previously stated, it’s such a good time. Bonus that all the shops featured are local.

– If you haven’t heard the new Beyonce Jam, I first heard it here.

I’m headed to happy hour tonight at Wit and Wisdom with my girl over at The New Glitterati. She showed me some serious blog love earlier this week. She’s hilarious and gorgeous, goes to really cool places, and gives her friends great nicknames. It’s amazing.

Cheers to the weekend!