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Well as we officially welcome spring, what better time to talk about spring cleaning!

As anyone who lives in a city will tell you, closet space is at a premium. Usually to get more, you have to pay more. And when you’re living in an apartment the size of Mariah Carey’s closet, your closet is about as large as her linen closet. And even that might be a stretch.

Mariah Carey's Closet

yes that is Mariah Carey’s closet. We can’t even talk about it)

On top of that I’m pretty convinced that no man anywhere actually understands the concept of needing options, or why you actually need more than one pair of shoes. Or how sometimes you buy something because you have a vision of how it will work only to realize that you don’t actually attend the events that the outfit is appropriate for. NO? Just me? Moving on….

So basically what I’m saying is I have a small closet, and my bf thinks I have too many clothes. He’s wrong, but go with me. He did however shine a light on the dysfunction that was my closet space, and seeing that helped me to see that perhaps it was time to purge. Enter: Poshmark.


A few months ago, as I was reading through some of my regular blog reads, I saw someone mention Poshmark. I did my usual “open link in new tab” and started poking around. It didn’t take any time for me to see that this was going to be my motivation to purge. A Goodwill-er no more, I quickly downloaded the iPhone app, and made an account.

So what is Poshmark? I explain it as online consignment. They describe it as “a fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion – straight from your iPhone. Connect with others whose fashion you adore so you can shop their closets. Sell items from your closet so other Poshmarkers can shop your unique style.”

Because they have an iPhone app, literally all you have to do is snap a photo of what you want to sell, describe it, and list it. Totally easy. I can tell you as someone who has wrestled with consignment stores in the past, this is so much easier and somehow (in my opinion) more rewarding. I’ve sold everything from jeans that didn’t fit quite right, tops I wore twice before realizing they weren’t really “me”, and handbags.

So if you’ve got items in your closet you’re looking to purge, I highly recommend Poshmark. If you open a closet, follow me! I’m @kweber. And before you ask, no I’m getting no compensation from Poshmark, I just really like this site/app that much.

Are you on Poshmark? How do you purge your closet?