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How often have you found yourself pining after something that, two months before, you would have never even considered wearing? I myself have done it multiple times, like wearing leggings as pants, or carrying a small cross-body bag, or wearing lipstick. Yes all things I’ve sworn to myself weren’t for me, that now are a regular occurrence  in my wardrobe. Recently there has been another one: booties.

For the longest time I just thought it was something I couldn’t pull off. I thought they hit in an awkward place, and couldn’t decide how to wear them. But lately, I feel like they have been all the rage. I’ve seen multiple images I’d like to recreate, and I’m in the market for a pair. Obviously this isn’t something that I’m willing to invest in, at least not yet, so here’s a few I’m loving.



So now that I’ve been looking at shopping for booties, what I’ve realized is that I can’t decide which style I really want to purchase. I have honestly created outfits in my head for all of these.

So, which are your favorite? Do you have a favorite way to wear booties?