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TGIM! or Thank God It’s March! I’m so excited that it’s (more or less) spring. The weather is supposed to be not freezing, which I hope means plans for walking my pup outside, and brunch with friends will require at least one fewer layer this weekend. And   one fewer layer, means this outfit can’t be too far in the future.



Speaking of this outfit, I suggest you go visit Emerson Fry, and check out their spring collection. It’s pretty much perfect in my opinion. Perhaps, that’s because a lot of it is showcased by a pool, but probably because it’s just that good.

And if your weekend plans include any spring shopping, Old Navy‘s current selection is quite cute. I feel for this shirt, this shirtthese belts (which may solve my problem of a belt that can fit my waist and my hips), and these are on sale.

And finally, a short poll. I had someone ask me the other day when it’s appropriate to wear your white pants. Personally, I think white jeans can come into rotation now, but what do you think?

Cheers to the weekend!