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Think of it as that feeling when you go out for a drink with a friend, and the waiter comes around and says “can I get you another round?” and you exchange that look that simply says “Who were we kidding. Of course we want another round!” This is that second serving of Oscar night.

The thing about Oscar night, is it’s so much more than the award show. There’s the Governor’s Ball, the Vanity Fair Party, Elton John’s party, and so much more. I see this as quite the opportunity for the girl who has trouble decision making. While each actress and presenter wants her “Big Moment” to come on the red carpet, you have a chance at a do over here! Or if a do over isn’t necessary (and let’s hope it’s not) you get to change the look up to something more party appropriate.

Jennifer Lawrence had a big night. At 22 she won Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. [Side note: This was the only Oscar nominated film I saw, and I thought it was fantastic.] Her status as Hollywood’s new golden girl was solidified, and despite a fall on her way to the stage, showed just why everyone loves her during her press interview.

Jennifer Lawrence


And then…… she whipped out this amazing dress for the Vanity Fair party! Jennifer Lawrence just stop! As if that Dior on the red carpet wasn’t enough. As if taking home the Oscar for working with Bradley Cooper wasn’t enough.  Stop. This is just too good.

Fall excused. Take another shot girlfriend. You won big last night!