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Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Here things were quite eventful. Friday night was the big birthday blowout for Lazer Libby, which was pretty much the most fun ever. Maryland sports teams have been rockin’ it recently (Orioles in the playoffs, Ravens win the Super Bowl) and Saturday the trend continued as Maryland beat Duke. College Basketball is probably my favorite sport to watch. Things wrapped up yesterday with a birthday Brunch for Libby, and the realization that this was NOT in fact a 3 day weekend for me. Boo.

I’m sure you are all aware that the Oscars are next Sunday. I know I’m excited for another red carpet, which in my opinion is the best part of any award show. Seeing as how I only saw one Oscar nominated film this year (Silver Linings Playbook– which you should TOTALLY see. It is so good. ), I’ll be cheering for them. Well, them and Argo. I still thing Ben should have been nominated.

And if I were going to the Oscars I would be wearing this:


Image via Vogue

I mean come on, it’s Alexander McQueen Resort 2013, and it just screams “I’d like to thank the Academy” does it not?

What’s your favorite awards show to watch? Will you be cheering on any favorite films on Sunday?