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So Tuesday I got one of those fabulous emails from a co-worker. No, not the one that says “hey, did you hear we are getting a raise?” but rather “Hey! I love your blog!”, which for me is a close second. To top it off she has a skirt that she loves, but isn’t sure how to wear. Umm, hello! You love it, I’ll help with the “now what?” part. And so here we are…

I’ll be honest, I love to style outfits. And I love the challenge of something that you (it’s owner) really love, but aren’t sure how to make work. The fact that I know who I’m styling is what gave this board a little something extra. See, as I said the skirt here came from a colleague, which means I have some good ideas as to how she’ll wear it. I’m thinking business travel, 2-4 days away from home, and this gets put in rotation. So I created two ways to wear the skirt. The left is designed for Tuesday, slightly more formal, not a travel day. The right is for Friday, and is a bit more casual and could be worn for a flight home. Wearing it twice means it holds it’s own in the carry on, but still looks fresh.

Polka dot Pencil: 2 ways

Polka dot Pencil: 2 ways by kfw91983 featuring rose jewelry

Tuesday Outfit (left):
Mint is super trendy for spring, and I love the idea of it paired with navy blue. This J.Crew Factory blouse leaves the option for a cardigan or blazer (and you can get it for 30% off online thru 2/17!) and the necklace adds a pop of color. Nude heels are definitely on my must have list for spring. They seem to tie everything together.
Friday Outfit (right):
I swear you can’t go wrong with a chambray shirt (I also love this and this.)  A statement necklace with both metallic and pearls adds something special, and slightly dressed up to the shirt that you will probably also wear to brunch on Sunday. Finally, I have to say I adore these flats. Great color, they roll up, and really who wants to wear heels when hiking through the airport (side note: Flats are a must if going through the airport in Atlanta. I’ve done it in heels. It’s not pretty).
So what do you think? Would you wear either of these outfits?
And don’t forget, if you have an item in your closet you’d like to see a style board for, email me, katie@charmingcitystyle.com.