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I’m so excited to introduce you to a new series, Charm City StyleMakers. This is an opportunity to meet some of Baltimore’s most stylish residents, to hear what helps define their personal style, and find out their favorite places to shop.


Today, I’d like to introduce you to Lazer Libby. As the lead singer of LazerBitch, she has amazing stage style, but don’t think you’ll catch her off stage looking anything but totally polished, because no matter what color her hair is she is impeccable every time.   She’s the friend who, while you’re totally excited to go out with her,  you start outfit planning days in advance because… let’s face it, you know you’re going to be with one of the hottest girls in the room. And to top it all off, her job title actually is H.B.I.C.  All this fabulousness wrapped up in to one beautiful, creative, animal loving (you can see her adorable cat Bogey below), awesome chic I get to call my friend.


How would you describe your personal style? 
Casual but sophisticated. Classic but never stuffy or old. I prefer items that I can wear for years that will always look good, and that never go out of style. I spend all my money on my animals, so there’s not a lot left over for clothes…lol. If I’m making a purchase, I have to be able to justify it. I have to ask myself: “Will I wear this more than once?” I usually end up buying items in “safe” colors (black, neutral) because I know that will extend their timeless factor.

What are 5 things currently in your closet you can’t live without?
1. Glossy graphite colored Hunter Boots: They’re multifunctional. I can wear them as everyday boots, or with the Welly socks(mine are pink!) on the rare occasion that it snows here.
2. Mossimo for Target sand colored platform wedges:  They literally complete almost every look in my closet be it with jeans, a skirt, or a dress, and I can walk over the cobblestone in Fells Point in them without breaking my neck. I’ve broken heels on that damn cobblestone before. Wedges are a more formidable shoe choice for City nights out on the town due to this reason.
3. Guess mulberry winter coat:  I HATE being cold, and I HATE bulky winter jackets. Most places don’t have a coat check, so if I’m going to be leaving my coat on, it had better look good. This coat does just that, while keeping me warm at the same time.
4. Levis Skinny dark wash jeans: I wear these on my casual days, and on my dressy days. I used to hate skinny jeans, until I bought this pair. They fit me like a dream, and they were $30. Total win.
5. Christian Dior black saddle bag:  This is what I call my “rent bag”…lol. When my cat had cancer, I tried to sell it to pay for her chemo…which definitely indicated how much I loved my cat, because this bag is something I  always saw myself handing down to my brother’s kids…when he eventually has them..because I’m not having  kids! Definitely an heirloom piece. It is so insanely classy, and there is nothing else like it. I know this bag was  knocked off in the denim fabric quite a bit, but the black one was never duplicated. It’s almost impossible to find  this bag now, as it was a limited edition.

Closet-FavoritesSpecial thanks to Libby for providing photos of her favorite items!

What are your Favorite places to shop (large retailers, online, and local)?
Nordstrom, Target, Zappos, and Cloud 9. You can never go wrong with Nordstrom. They have the best buyers. Target too. I go into Target for toilet paper and end up leaving with a pair of shoes too. Zappos literally has it all, and free shipping paired with THE BEST customer service(aside from Nordstrom). I’m a total sucker for amazing customer service. Cloud 9 always has some awesome gems, and it’s local to boot. I bought an oversize grey cowl neck Dolman style sweater from them in 2009, that I get ENDLESS compliments on to this day.

What current trend do you love and how do you or would you wear it? What current trend can you not wait to cool off? 
I love everything with crosses! Nastygal.com has this dope dress with a sheer cross on the chest. I have to figure out a way to justify the splurge. The trend that I can’t stand is chicks in expensive designer sneakers. Especially the wedge sneakers. Ick. I like my women in heels. : )

If you won the lottery, what is one style related purchase you would make? 
The Victoria Beckham Limited Edition Range Rover.  It’s so bad ass. I LOVE Victoria Beckham’s style, and I could still take this baby camping. What a merge of form and function!

See? I told you she was awesome! I personally can’t wait to see what she wears this Friday, February 15th, to her birthday party. Come join us if you can, at The Ottobar (you can find all the details here) and celebrate in the most stylish way! And if you’re looking for something new to jam out to and help you get to Friday, here’s her newest!