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Oh Award season,you give us such a chance to ogle over dresses, hair and make up. I always love watching award shows, and my fashion obsessed brain is always highly entertained by the red carpets. The Grammy’s this year didn’t disappoint  And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the now notorious CBS Dress Code memo. I mean really, this caused dress drama the likes of which we haven’t seen since J-Lo and the Versace dress!

There were more than a few Black Card worthy dresses parading in to the Staples Center last night, but when I saw this one I was sold.

rihanna grammys 2013Via E! Online

I don’t always love what Rihanna wears, but this…. this is amazing. It’s custom Ayala, who is like, a totally important designer*. In stark contrast to her dress last year, this is so flowy and romantic.

Next time I need a dress for a red carpet event I’ll need Ayala to make me one just like this. Or maybe I’ll just text Rihanna and see if I can borrow hers.

So who were your Grammy red carpet favorites?


*Clueless reference anyone? Yeah. Love that movie.