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via Lilly Pulitzer

Perhaps it’s the weather that can’t decide if it’s winter or spring (thanks global warming!) or maybe it’s the fact that the excitement of breaking out boots and scarves has warn off. It could possibly be the fact that every Holiday collection at the mall is on sale, crammed into sale racks that don’t so much say “buy me” as they say “ignore me,” but every year I find that the Resort collections are some of my absolute favorite. I mean, what’s not to love about salmon, navy and white rugby stripes, or a fresh hit of lime or mint green?

For the Rachel Zoe’s and DVF’s of the world this collection is shown in June, giving you months to just DIE over it, and decide if you can actually swing that tropical vacation in January to warrant purchase of this stuff. For your mall retailers, it’s usually a smaller collection, that isn’t out for long, but always leaves me wishing for spring….or a vacation to Aruba, or Jamaica…. really just fly me off to Kokomo!*

Here are a few of my current favorites:

Alice and Olivia

via Alice + Olivia

CandC resort 2via C&C California

46814_islandcoralalwaysapartystripevia Lilly Pulitzer
Ok, so that one might be spring, but can you blame me?

So tell me, are you ready for spring? Are you planning a resort trip of your own?


*catch that Beach Boys reference? Yeah. Try and keep THAT one out of your head all day. You’re welcome.