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I can’t be the only person who has noticed the graphic sweaters that are popping up everywhere these days. I’ve always been a fan of a graphic, mostly in the form of tees and the occasional “critter short” from J.Crew.

I will say though, that there is a fine line to be walked in this trend. I lean toward something with one large, bold graphic, as opposed to multiples that tend to look like a pattern.  Here’s a few of my favorites:


Forever 21/Windsor/Target/Old Navy/J.Crew Factory

1. C’est La Vie– A sweater that combines two trends: graphics and stripes! The nautical flair to this, as well as the french slogan seem to call for ankle jeans, ballet flats, and a croissant.

2. Skull and Cross Bones– Maybe a slight carry over from last week, but hey, it works. This just seems like it would be fun, and with the heart eyes, it doesn’t totally have that pirate feel.

3. Lightning Bolt– I love the simple graphic on this, and the coral color of the sweater. Plus, I already purchased this one. I’m planning to wear it with a chambray shirt, leggings, and these Frye boots I just got for Christmas.

4. Love– So with Valentine’s Day coming up fast, this would be a change to the usual hearts/red/pink. It also comes in mint green, which is fun. I’m also a fan of the navy blue.

5. Anchor– Ok, so I have to say that at $68, this one comes in slightly over the $50 budget I’ve set for “trending trends.” But come on, can you blame me?  It’s Just. So. Good. Easily something that will carry through those cool summer nights, and it’s classic enough that you will probably pull it out again next spring too.

I’m pretty sure that the anchor sweater is going to be coming home with me sooner as opposed to later. And I see it with a pencil skirt and colored heel for work.

Do you have any graphic sweaters? How would you wear one of these?