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FIRST… Let’s get this Super Bowl talk out of the way. This is a “Charm City” blog, but let’s focus on the truly important things about the game. Beyonce is a goddess. I want to be her like I should want to be a neuroscientist or a doctor or something more productive than the most ridicuiously beautiful and rich and talented woman in the world.


Had this one saved on my phone, no idea of the source

And then there were the commercials. Personal favorites include the princess dad’s, high school dance, and Landslide commercials. If you want to talk about the black out and which team it hurt or benefited this is not the right blog for that. Instead we will talk about beautiful things (notice how I started with Beyonce?) such as this skirt.


Via Tibi

It’s sosimple, yet so incredible. I’ve always wanted a ball skirt, ever since I was a kid. And when I saw the way that Blair styled it, I was sold. I mean come on? Who doesn’t want to wear a full skirt on a Wednesday? There is something so elegant but unstuffy about this Tibi skirt, and I honestly think I would just spin around in circles while wearing it.

fneon 030

via Atlantic-Pacific

I’m totally obsessed, and want all of this in my closet. I can’t decide if it’s the booties and tights that sold me on the skirt, or the skit that sold me on the look but either way my credit card is being kept under lock because of this skirt.

And because it’s now Sunday night, and I don’t have this in my closet, I better choose an outfit for work tomorrow before going to bed with visions of Destiny’s Child dancing in my head.


PS. what did you think of the Halftime show? Any favorite commercials? Would you wear a ball skirt to something other than a ball?