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I confess, I’ve never been great at shopping for beauty products at the drugstore. And by beauty products,  I mean make up. Call me a snob, but it’s just so intimidating to purchase something that is wrapped in plastic in a color that you can’t test on your skin! I wish I was better at navigating the beauty aisle at CVS, really, it would save me a lot of money, but so far my picks have been utter failures.

So imagine my surprise when, as wondering through the beauty department at Target (just because I’m not good a buying these items does not by any means keep me from shopping for them) I found something that I am in love with. Like really, in LOVE.


via Revlon

Enter: Revlon ColorStay Lipstick.

I got it home, tried it out, and was so excited. The color was spot on for what I was looking for. Wait…  let me clarify what it was exactly I was looking for. I’ve recently had an affinity for lipstick, but I feel like the colors I love are just too…MUCH for work, or daytime, or really any make up look except that glammed up one you want to achieve when going out. One of my all time favorites is Make Up For Everyone #48. Awesome color. Entirely too vampy for work.

OK so here’s the rundown on my new Revlon. I chose a color called Backstage. It’s somewhere between wine and berry, which is just the right dark for daytime (in my opinion.) It’s called “Ultimate Suede” so the finish isn’t matte, but isn’t glossy. And the kicker? This stuff stays on! Like eating and drinking and talking stays on. I was totally impressed. And for under $10 it’s a fun way to test out new colors. I think I might be grabbing this one up next.

Have you tried any drugstore beauty products? Do you have any favorites?