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Today I welcome you to “I love it! Now what?” and I couldn’t be more excited about this one.

Last week, not 5 minutes after I hesitantly hit the “publish” button for my first post, I got a text. It was a friend saying she wanted an advice column, and she had a question. To her, it was “Hey! I want you opinion on something” to me it was “holy $*!% someone read what I wrote! I have a follower!”

So here’s an excerpt of the text I received: “I have a dynamic* figure…and want to wear this ModCoth dress with out looking like Zooey Deschanel. What do I do?”

(*Dynamic is her word, not mine. Here reference was a Kardashian but she’s way more gorg than that!)

This is totally something I can relate to. I love the retro feel of so many of the dresses coming out, but they are just on the edge of my comfort zone. I want to feel like me, not a character. And as much as I love Zooey, I’m not sure I can do that whole cool, retro thing the way that she does.  I’m a firm believer that if you love it and it makes you happy your attitude is the best accessory to pulling anything off, but sometimes you need a little direction.

zoo-y, with a touch of Zooey

zoo-y, with a touch of Zooey by kfw91983 featuring pointy cowboy boots

The idea here was for an outfit perfect for running errands on the weekend, maybe brunch (and Mimosa’s!) with friends, or a walk through the park to enjoy the spring sunshine. The dress is a little retro, but the booties make it a little more modern, and the rest of the pieces can be mixed and matched throughout the week.

Now the only thing missing from this outfit is the BEST accessory, a furry four legged friend. Paging Wally the Westie!