Well, it’s been a year of feet dragging, obsessive blog reading, and dreaming up content, but it’s finally time to introduce you…

World, meet Charm(ing) City Style. Charm(ing) City Style, meet the world!

“Really? another style blog?” you say? well yes, yes it is. and we’re damn proud of it. I’m working on how to make this one different, and focus on some style issues that real people have. Real people who aren’t Beyonce, or part of the Kardashian clan, but still lust after their shoes seen on tumbler/red carpet dress/handbag rocked in Miami. For this we have Put it on my black card!

To address the real world issue of “I’m seriously seeing this everywhere. I hated it two weeks ago, but now I want to rock it, but I’m not spending real money on it because I’ll hate it in two weeks” we have Trending Trends.

And finally, we address the pesky issue of buying something you love, taking it home, and realizing you have no idea how or where to wear this new item. This is where I Love it! Now what? comes in.

So welcome to Charm(ing) City Style. There is a stylish adventure in front of us!